Electronic Packaging Lids

electronic packaging lid

Fotofab offers a wide range of electronic packaging lids, also known as hermetic lids or step lids, that are used in the microelectronic, semiconductor, and fiber optic industries. Our electronic packaging lids are typically made from Kovar or Alloy 42, with options of gold plating, electrolytic nickel and electroless nickel for sealing to the package. Besides precision fabrication of the step lid, Fotofab removes any tabs or burrs from the lid to ensure a smooth, flawless edge.

Our step lids are suitable for your fiber optic device, hybrid circuit, image sensor, laser diode package, RF microwave package, MEMS optical devices, SAW filters, X-tal oscillators, SMD package and more.

Fotofab’s offers a versatile line of electronic packaging lids that can be customized to your exact application. Our Technical Sales Staff can assist you in the design of your hermetic lid, including: frame size, tooling technique, coating and dimension parameters.

Contact one of our Technical Sales Staff at (773) 463-6211 with your custom step lid requirements.

Fotofab’s lid manufacturing capabilities include: chemical etching, machining, stamping, forming, and plating. We offer a turn-key solution for all of your electronic packaging lid and hermetic package needs. Chemically etched electronic packaging lids are ideal for seam welding and result in stress free lids that are free from burrs.