RF Shielding

Superior Chemical Etching Produces Blemishless RF Shielding

Chemically Etched RF Shielding

If you have a need for top quality shielding, Fotofab is the best choice. We have years of experience in the manufacture of EMI shielding, RF shielding, and custom shielding. From prototype to production, we can take care of your shielding needs quickly and economically.

Fotofab has both standard RF shields and RF prototype kits that are ready for delivery immediately. Our standard RF shields are available in 72 different dimensional combinations. Or you may find that our versatile RF prototyping kit, with 27 different RF shield sizes and shield heights, is exactly what you need.

We also now have 18 different sizes of standard RF shields with a shorter, 0.125" height.

Check out our line of Standard RF Shields sizes and pricing here. Download PDF.

We offer two RF Prototyping Kits! Our improved Standard Kit, and now we also offer a Small Kit, geared for smaller sized RF shielding. Check out our RF Prototyping Kits here: Download PDF.

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For your convenience, several of our standard shields can be purchased from Digi-Key with no minimum quantity! View Fotofab's offerings at Digi-Key.

Ready to order?

Download (PDF) both Standard RF sizes, Prototype Kit & Order Form

Can't find what you are looking for? Custom RF shielding can be made and shipped in as few as 24 hours. For custom designed RF shields, check out our Shielding Design Guide for design considerations such as material selection, finishes, geometry, dimensional capabilities and other design aspects. Our shields can be made to your specifications. We offer shields that can be delivered flat, formed, plated, removable lids, with or without logos and part numbers. Click on Custom Metal Parts or Removable Lid Shields for more information.

RF Shielding Product Features

  • RF shields are in stock and ready to order
  • Tin plated brass provides highly effective shielding and solderability
  • No pre-set through-pins to interfere with custom boards
  • Pre-etched bend lines make hand-forming easy

RF Shields Specifications

  • 0.015" (0.381mm) brass CDA 26000 ½ hard
  • Finish: Bright tin plate (per Mil-T-10727, Type I Bright)
  • RF shields are RoHS compliant
  • Manufactured in the USA with 100% US metal (DFARS compliant)
  • Shields can be produced for ITAR and Non-ITAR applications

What is an RF Shield?

'RF' stands for Radio Frequency. An RF shield (similar to a Faraday Cage) is designed to protect electronic components from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), sometimes referred to as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Objects that carry rapidly changing electrical currents, such as electronic devices, power lines, and even the sun, cause Radio Frequency Interference. These rapidly changing electrical currents create electromagnetic waves that can travel through the air and affect nearby devices.

Some electronic devices can also emit EMI and therefore must be shielded before they will past FCC testing.

RFI/EMI waves can interrupt and degrade the functionality and performance of an electronic device; for example, creating an audible buzz in audio devices like amplifiers, car radios, and telephones. RF shields work by attracting and diverting/reflecting electromagnetic waves around the devices encased within them. An RF shield may be used to prevent outside RFI from coming in, or to keep the RFI emitted by a shielded device from interfering with nearby components.

Fotofab has 40+ years experience designing and manufacturing RF Shields. We offer complete shield design services, we can work with your board layout, sketch or description to create a shield that is a custom fit for your board. There's really no need to struggle to cut out sheetmetal with scissors so your board can pass test when you can have a professionally designed and manufactured custom fit shield the next day. And then when your board does pass with flying colors, we can easily manufacture production parts from the tooling you have already paid for.