Versatile Board Level Multi-Cavity RF Shield
with Snap-Fix Dimpled Lid Closure

Completely customizable, Fotofab-manufactured RF shields offer RF and board level engineers the design flexibility and cost efficiency they need to solve tough real estate issues on congested circuit boards.

Fotofab's production process allows shielding design engineers the latitude to create RF shielding solutions without dimensional constraints. Similar products are available, but many shield fabricators can only offer designs based on length and width geometries, generally in ¼ inch increments. Designable to virtually any desired dimension, Fotofab can economically fabricate RF shields into L, U, and other shapes to accommodate multiple components within complex circuit board layouts.

RF Shield Features:

  • Design flexibility
  • Low tooling cost
  • Fast lead-times
  • Simple assembly
  • Customizable
  • Explore multiple designs
  • Saves board space
  • Cost efficient
  • Prototype to production

Fotofab shields offer relief from space or other issues/objectives that can crop up in the shielding design phase or during production planning. For example, the dimpled, snap-fit lid completes the multi-cavity shield in one, simple assembly maneuver. The dimpling allows disassembly just as easily, permitting component access for testing and other procedures while eliminating the need for space-robbing spring fingers or other lid-fixing hardware.

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