Metal Fabrication FAQs

FAQ's on our Chemical Etching Services & Processes


The Fotofab FAQs on chemical etching, metal fabrication, photochemical machining and precision metal parts can help you gain a better understanding of the chemical etching process for precision metal parts.


General FAQ

Q. Is Fotofab RoHS compliant?
Q. What is chemical etching?
Q. What kind of lasers do you use?
Q. Do you offer plant tours?
Q. Do you have manufacturer’s reps in my area?
Q. Can I get a sample?
Q. Is Fotofab ISO certified?

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Metals FAQ

Q. What finishes are RoHS compliant?
Q. What metals do you work with?
Q. Do you work with non-metals?
Q. Can you help me select a metal for my application?
Q. Can I get a sample?
Q. What kind of metal should I use for my shield/encoder/etc.
Q. We don’t care about material, what is the cheapest?
Q. What material is easiest/best for us to use?
Q. What does it take so long for my material to arrive if you advertise quick turnaround?

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Process FAQ

Q. What is your minimum hole or slot size?
Q. What metal thicknesses do you manufacture out of?
Q. What is the largest size that you can make?
Q. What are tabs?
Q. Isn’t the Fotofab process a burr-free process?
Q. Can I specify where the tabs should be placed?
Q. Can you plate my metal parts?
Q. Can you etch tubes or 3-D shapes?
Q. What is a half-etch, or a bend channel?
Q. What are the tolerances associated with etching?
Q. How long does it take to get parts made?
Q. Do you offer FAI?
Q. How should you form a shield with ½ etch bend lines?
Q. Do you work with mixed processes (etch and laser)?
Q. Why does the quote mention small burrs or tabs when parts are detached?
Q. Explain the ratio of hole size to metal thickness?
Q. What is the minimum feature size?
Q. Can you etch square holes?
Q. What types of packaging do we offer?
Q. What are the tradeoffs for dropout versus tabbed parts?
Q. What types of parts can be produced?
Q. What are the chemicals used in photo etching?
Q. Does photo etching alter the properties of the metal?
Q. What are the design considerations when photo etching?
Q. What are some advantages of using the chemical etching process?

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Quotes / Orders / Delivery FAQ

Q. Who should I contact to send in my RFQ?
Q. What is your minimum order?
Q. What type of files do we accept?
Q. Do you accept credit cards?
Q. What other forms of manufacturing do you perform?

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