Metal Etching Design Guide: Geometry

Overall Size of Photo Etched Parts

Fotofab typically etches parts from sheets of metal measuring 12 in by 18 in (305 mm by 457 mm). Fotofab’s metal etching process can produce parts that vary in size – from one part taking up the whole sheet, to thousands of pieces per sheet.

Depending upon the metal used, the largest part we can fabricate is 24 in by 38 in (482 mm by 965 mm). The smallest part Fotofab can make is dependent on the desired part’s thickness and geometry.

Metal Etching Part Configuration

The Fotofab metal etching process allows for highly complex part configurations. If the tolerances and dimensions fit our capabilities, there are virtually no limits on what we can create. We are experts in chemical etching solutions and producing photo etched parts with unmatched speed, affordability and accuracy.