Custom Metal Parts:
Chemical Machining & Fabricating On Time and To Spec

Fotofab's goal is to continually meet our customers' metal stamping, metal fabrication and precision machining needs. We employ the highest quality and most efficient people and processes available in order to provide our customers one-stop shopping for their pre-prototyping through production requirements.

Fotofab's comprehensive metal fabricating and chemical etching capabilities allow our customers to receive production-quality, metal stamping, and other custom parts in as few as three days. The chemical etching technique allows manufacturers to produce high-quality precision flat metal parts by chemically etching away unwanted materials. A photographically prepared mask (a Fototool) is used to protect the metal that needs to remain after the etching process. This process allows for a faster turnaround with little to no errors. A minimum new part order can be tooled and fabricated for a few hundred dollars, regardless of part configuration or complexity Click here to read more about our Advantages.

Our valued customers are an integral part of the following hardware manufacturing industries: medical, aerospace/defense, telecom, consumer electronics, process sensing and control, test and measurement, frequency control and automotive electronics. Our portfolio of customers by industry highlights a few of the hundreds of companies that entrust Fotofab with their metal parts needs. Click here to see just a few of the Companies We Serve.

The applications that you can design and have made using our capabilities range from apertures to zone alignment plates, are left to your imagination. Consult with Fotofab's technical sales staff to recommend the most cost-efficient manufacturing method to fabricate your metal part design to specification. Click here to see some Typical Applications.

Take advantage of the wide range of metal processing capabilities that Fotofab offers in-house and through our certified family of suppliers, including:

Fotofab assures single source responsibility and control over the delivery and quality from the suppliers of our secondary services. We offer standard and custom part packaging for order quantities of one and up. Click here to read more about packaging.