Titanium Chemical Etching:
Accurate, Rapid and Cost Effective

Fotofab, a leader in the chemical etching industry, offers photo etched titanium that is precise, economical and produced quickly. Our precision etched metal parts are manufactured in both prototype and production quantities.

Fotofab works with metals ranging from .0001" to .062" (2.5 microns to 1.6mm) thick. Minimum etched features can vary but generally follow these guidelines:


  • Minimum hole feature is 120% of metal thickness
  • Minimum bar width is 90% of metal thickness
  • Dimensional accuracy increases as metal thickness decreases
  • Minimum hole feature is 120% of metal thickness


The benefits of chemically etching Titanium

Intricate designs are easily manufactured with chemical etching. Parts using thin metal can be manufactured without distortion. The physical properties of titanium, or any metal, are not affected by chemical etching. Manufacturing process is essentially a burr-free and stress-free process.


Tooling costs associated with chemical etching

A new part can be tooled up within a couple of hours and parts can be manufactured same day. Artwork, or photo tool, is one of the first steps needed to chemically etch your titanium parts. The photo tool, which usually costs under $300, involves setting up the necessary artwork used to mask off certain areas of the metal allowing the features of your metal part to be precisely etched. For more information on photo tools and the Fotofab process check out the etching page of our website.


Typical applications

Medical, aerospace and defense industries have the most applications with titanium.


Photo etch applications range from medical device parts needing biocompatibility characteristics to aircraft applications that need an ally that has superior strength and is also light weight. No matter how big or small the application is, industry leading companies rely on Fotofab for quality metal parts.


Advantages to Fotofab

Fotofab has been a leading manufacturer in making precise metal parts and screens for nearly 40 years. Fotofab is known for offering some of the fastest lead-times around with standard parts taking 1 weeks from blueprint to shipment. We also offer premium delivery services for 3-day and same day turnaround. Fotofab also prides itself of offering excellent customer service as well as producing top quality metal parts. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.


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