Chemical Milling Delivers Precision Screens of All Sizes

Chemically Etched Screen

Completely customizable, Fotofab manufactured screens offer engineers the design flexibility and cost efficiency they need to meet demanding screen and filter requirements. Fotofab's chemical milling production process allows engineers to create screen solutions with few dimensional constraints.

Why chemically etch screens?

The chemical etching process is a burr-free and stress-free manufacturing process. Chemical etching also provides consistent hole opens throughout the part. Compared to using a mesh (woven) screen, Fotofab's process provides a flat pattern where particles are less likely to become trapped in the weaving. A flat pattern also provides consistent hole openings whereas woven screens can stretch and become distorted.

Fotofab screens can be designed in a variety of shapes, percentage open-area, and in a variety of metals. Brittle metals and thin foils are much easier to etch than stamp, or machine in other traditional forms or manufacturing.

A new part can be tooled up within a couple of hours and parts can be manufactured same day. Artwork, or photo tool, is one of the first steps needed to chemically etch your screen application. The photo tool, which usually costs about $300, involves setting up the necessary artwork used to mask off certain areas of the metal allowing the features of your metal part to be precisely etched. For more information on photo tools, chemical milling and the Fotofab process check out the etching page of our website. To read more on screen hole patterns and designs, please request a screen design guide.

Typical applications

Fotofab has manufactured screens in the medical, aerospace/defense, electronics and food processing industries. Applications range from using a stainless steel screen to assist processing the all-American favorite ketchup to a highly precision screen used on many of our nation's military aircraft. No matter how big or small the application is, industry leading companies rely on Fotofab for quality metal parts and screens.

Advantages to Fotofab

Fotofab has been a leading manufacturer in making precise metal parts and screens through photo chemical milling for nearly 40 years. Fotofab is known for offering some of the fastest lead-times around with standard parts taking 1 week from blueprint to shipment. We also offer premium delivery services for 3-day and same day turnaround. Fotofab also prides itself of offering excellent customer service as well as producing top quality metal parts. Fotofab is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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