Photo Etched Part Packaging

You can choose from the following packaging options for your photo etched parts, regardless of the quantity of your order.

Left in the sheet

For parts that are intended to remain flat, or are to be formed by someone other than Fotofab, the most cost effective part packaging option is to receive etched parts tabbed into the metal sheet (panel). We pack your sheets of tabbed parts separated by corrosion inhibiting paper within foam and an ultra-sturdy and handsome chipboard box. Once received, the tabbed parts can easily be removed from the panel by hand. This method of part packaging minimizes handling damage and makes part inventorying a snap.

Detached (singulated)

For production quantities of photo etched parts, many OEM's and contract manufacturers are not staffed for removing parts from the metal sheets. So, for a slight incremental charge, Fotofab can detach, or singulate, your part pieces from the etched metal sheet. This service is automatically provided for all parts that are to be formed by Fotofab. From there, we can package the individual pieces in any of the following manners. The incremental charges for these packaging options vary by part and type, so please request a formal quote from Fotofab for any of them.

Bulk packed

Bulk part packaging is appropriate for photo etched parts that do not tangle with one another easily. This option entails packing singulated pieces in a secure plastic bag, and in turn, packing into a sturdy box.


Tube packaging is typically appropriate for packing round singulated part pieces.

Boxed in foam layers

Boxed packaging is typically appropriate for part pieces that are formed into three dimensions.

Pick and place trays

Pick and place trays are appropriate for customers who are assembling parts with automated pick and place equipment. Pick and place trays are available.

Tape and reeled

Tape and reel packaging is typically the choice for high volume production. Similar to pick and place trays, tape and reel part packaging is available in standard and custom sizes, so please check with us before specifying this option. And similar to pick and place trays custom tape and reel packaging requires tooling, and has a longer delivery lead time for the first order. Depending on your company's delivery requirement, tape and reel tooling can be made in as few as two days on an expedited premium basis.