Chemical Etching

The Significant Advantages of Our
Precision Metal Milling Services

Fotofab specializes in chemical etching, metal fabrication, electroforming, laser cutting, and wire EDM.

The Fotofab process features a trio of fundamental Improvements over traditional manufacturing procedures, including: reduced costs, faster speeds and higher precision parts.

Reduced Costs.

The majority of phototools used in chemical etching are priced between $300 and $400. This is thousands of dollars less than the cost of using hard tools for etching equivalent metal parts.

Faster Speeds.

The phototool used to chemically etch your custom metal part typically takes two days or less to produce. This means you parts can be ready to ship in as little as three days. Design changes can be easily implemented during the process, increasing flexibility and allowing you to get your products to market sooner.

Higher Precision.

Photochemical etching has the ability to produce unconventional designs within very strict tolerances (within .0005"). The Fotofab etching process is capable of creating the small-scale bars and holes that most stamping methods cannot. We routinely make use of state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD), often at ¼ mil resolution. More details can be found in typical applications of chemical etching.

The affordable pricing, quick speed, and high precision of our photochemical etching process ensures that it is the quintessential method for both production and prototyping of metal parts.

Consult our "Design Guide To Photochemical Machining" for several other design advantages inherent to the Fotofab process. Request a copy of our Design Guide and free samples here.

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