Metal Etching

A World Apart in a World of Parts

In 2007 Fotofab celebrated its 40th anniversary of etching precision metal parts. Fotofab was founded in 1967 to offer the cost and delivery advantages of photochemical machining to manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment for high tech industries - aerospace, microwave, automotive, computers, communications, medical and controls, to mention a few of the most prominent. You'll recognize the names of the many blue-chip companies we serve. See some of the companies we have been supplying metal parts to.

Our 18,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is located on Chicago 's Northwest Side, adjacent to the Kennedy Expressway and less than 30 minutes from O'Hare Airport. Our plant houses multiple etching machines, a class 10,000 clean room and a thoroughly equipped CAE/CAD department.


We are particularly proud to have been commended by government regulatory agencies for our environmental compliance and cooperation, since we recognize that these are necessary preconditions to long-term growth. We constantly work toward making our manufacturing process cleaner, safer and less of a drain on natural resources. We eliminated the use of all solvents before the government began regulating CFC use, and our waste reduction program was in place long before industry deemed it an important topic.

We have developed innovative new methods to extend the effective life of our process chemicals, while at the same time reducing the amount of wastewater that we generate. Instead of treating and land-filling our spent chemicals, we recycle them. Our scrap metal is recycled, as is our scrap photographic film so that the silver can be reclaimed rather than dumped. Our goal is to reduce the amount of resources that we consume and to minimize the amount of waste we generate.

Our Process

The Fotofab Process not only provides the benefit of quick and precise tooling at a fraction the cost of hard tooling but also hastens your time to market, with parts delivery usually possible in as few as 3 days! Moreover, the care taken at every step assures precision quality and uniformity from piece to piece and from lot to lot.

Our seasoned staff is available to advise customers on metallurgical and engineering issues, including materials selection and design refinements. Much of their expertise is documented in our unique Design Guide to Photochemical Machining.

For better, faster, less expensive delivery of precision flat metal parts, you can rely on the Fotofab Process and the people of Fotofab.