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  • RF Shielding
    Custom and standard RF Shields are available. From a simple, 5-sided box to a complex multi-cavity shield with a removable lid.
  • Rapid Prototyping
    We can help you with the fastest turnaround. 5-, 3- or same-day turnaround when you order customized fabrications made from sheet metal. Get your product to market faster with Fotofab.
  • Custom Metal Parts
    Efficient production of high-precision thin metal parts. Photochemical etching is a cost-effective method for producing metal parts for prototyping and production. View the Demo to learn more.

Fotofab Chemical Etching -
A Leading Supplier of Mission Critical Thin Metal Parts

You need custom-made precision metal parts - chemical etching, metal stamping, RF shielding, or any custom part made out of metal. And you need them in a hurry. But you don't want to place an order with a company you cannot depend on. And you definitely don't want to compromise on quality.

Fotofab can help. We've been in the chemical etching, chemical machining, and metal stamping business for years, so we know how to make your custom part quickly, accurately, and affordably… so you can get on with your business.

We also offer a selection of standard RF shields and can customize RF shielding to your specifications. Our rapid prototyping service is so efficient we can usually deliver your prototype within a few days of receiving your order, or our new Same-day delivery might be what you are looking for.

When you choose Fotofab you know you are getting the best metal etching in the industry. Our chemical etching process is ideal for producing rapid prototype parts and a wide variety of photo etched parts. Acid etching and photo etching provide tight tolerances, a quick turnaround and offer an affordability that other machining processes simply can’t match.

Through chemical etching and metal stamping we produce typical applications such as RF/EMI shields, screens, contacts, connector housings, lead frames, apertures and many more. What can we make for you?